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The Deal Makers

We have unrivalled experience in helping law firms/legal tech companies, and investors, who wish to look at external growth strategies, through merger and acquisition opportunities.


Our approach is simple: we look at your specific needs first, whether as a buyer or seller and then prepare a preliminary market insight report identifying key prospects. Unlike other agents we do have strategic buyers who have the experience and financial credibility to carry out a purchase. As a buyer, we have the experience to help you match what you want with potential sellers.


We believe that underpinning this is a shared vision for two businesses, based upon what they could build together, rather than alone

We have specific experience with:

  • Corporate and Commercial Law Firm Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Legal Tech Sales
  • Private Client Practices
  • Insurance Law Firms
  • Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence

We do not charge unless there is a successful transaction and these are agreed in advance based upon value. We charge a flat percentage fee that is payable on completion with no upfront retainers.

“A merge based upon a strong business case, if well implemented, should help to build long term sustainable profitability” - Peter Scott, Former Managing Partner of Eversheds