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Our Story

Acquira Professional Services has been active in the field of mergers & acquisitions for law 

firms since 2004. 

With the founder’s background as a lawyer in the legal sector, it made sense to move into 

M&A for law firms and the growing and exciting market for legal tech companies.

We mainly focus on helping law firms who are looking to exit and or merge, focusing specifically on boutique and full-service law firms. We have helped numerous law firm owners with selling their practices.

We also work with buyers who are strategic and experienced at acquisitions and who have

 a clear external growth strategy.

No firm is too small for us help.

Mergers and Acquisitions Brokers helping Law Firms to sell and to buy law firms

Of growing importance to us has been helping new and established legal tech 

companies find suitable partners both in the US and Europe.

Our approach, whether working for a buyer or seller, is ensuring that the search and sale processes are kept simple and transparent with the principal objective of maximizing value.

We have unrivaled experience at helping firms to sell their law firms and also those who want to buy a solicitors practices.

We are specialist M&A brokers for law firms. 


We work exclusively with senior members of the law firm or business management team and who have a proven track records of success in their area of the legal sector.

We enjoy working with law firm partners, CEOs of parent group companies and subsidiaries of a larger organisations, legal entrepreneurs, and owners of law firm SME’s.

We work with senior members of the law firm or management team to help the process of selling and buying a law firm
We enjoy working with law firm partners to help them to understand the process of selling and buying Law Firms


We know that growth strategies bring their own challenges but a collaborative approach by aligning your needs and our search profile, together with our unique insight of the legal services and legal tech industry can make all the difference.

We believe that fundamental to understanding client, is understanding their firms’ unique culture. This is more important with law firms as non-lawyers often misunderstand how law firms work. The cultural chemistry has to work between the parties.

The culture chemistry has to work between the Seller and the Buyer when merging, buying and selling a law firm


Case Studies

When looking to sell or buy a law firm, expertise matters
M & A
We’ll help you to maximise the value from the sale of a Personal Injury Practice and/or Caseload
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